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Rubber Duckies and Plastic Sulfur — The Chemistry of Polymers

Scientific Discipline — Chemistry (Polymers)

Man didn’t invent polymers. They’re all around us and have been almost since the beginning of time. Children (and adults too) will learn why polymers are important to us and how they affect our daily lives. Watch as a rubber “superball” is produced from liquid chemicals, using a ping-pong ball as a mold. Observe crystals of sulfur transformed into a plastic polymer. Make nylon and a plastic, but realistic looking “root beer float”. Add a coin or other object in a liquid monomer and prepare a clear plastic paperweight with the object suspended inside. Prepare a mask or glove from natural latex rubber. Make “slime”, the same material used to simulate “monster drool” in horror movies! These are just a few of the activities available in this program.