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Beam Me Up, Scotty. My Phaser’s Broken and All I’ve Got to Fight Klingons is a 5 Microwatt Laser!*

Scientific Discipline — Physics

When Gene Roddenberry created the Star Trek series back in the 1960’s, the term “phaser” was inspired by the then nascent research on laser technology (which actually derived from WWII era maser (microwave) R&D). See a voice-activated laser light show. Observe laser diffraction patterns and find out what they are and what causes them. Learn about colloids and see why we can only see a laser beam when it passes through a colloidal dispersion. As a special extra feature, your party guests can even make their own laser holograms of a small personal object, which they can then keep as a party favor.

* Some of the demonstrations in this program require a room that can be completely darkened.