Levitating Frog
Madame Curie
In The Limelight
Rubber Duckies
Light Up My Life I
Light Up My Life II
Looking Glass
Blowing Bubbles
Beam Me Up, Scotty
Big Bang
CSI Tucson
Big Chill
Good Vibrations
Dr. Art Friedman

Eureka Discoveries

A division of Eureka Solutions, Inc.

  • Corporate and Promotional Events
  • School Assembly Programs
  • Scientific-Themed Birthday Parties
  • Entertaining and Educational for all ages
  • Expert tutoring in science and math
  • Unique Birthday/Special event party ideas for the scientifically inquisitive child

    Eureka Discoveries (a subsidiary of Eureka Solutions, Inc.) provides unique and exciting entertainment for corporate and promotional events as well as private parties for groups of 5-25 children, ages 8-13 with durations of 1-2 hours. Your guests can choose from a selection of programs involving chemistry, physics and biological science that will entertain, educate and delight them.

    We specialize in primary and secondary school programs designed to entertain, educate and delight your students. Each program has its own curriculum guide, including individualized grade-appropriate classroom activities, each of which is keyed to a particular Arizona State Learning Standard. School-wide assembly programs are available, as well as individual classroom visits. Contact us for information on our Scientist-in-Residence program.

    You’ll be able to use our services repeatedly without boring your pupils, as we have many other programs in addition to the dozen listed on our website. Please call us to discuss ways in which we can help you convince your children that science is both interesting and fun!

    The programs are presented by Dr. Art Friedman, renowned scientist and educator, whose traveling program, "The Magic of Chemistry" has been seen live by over 30,000 students in four states and was featured on the former nationally syndicated TV program, "PM Magazine".

    For more information, contact Dr. Art Friedman at 520-344-7201, or 847-909-4669 (cell).