Levitating Frog
Madame Curie
In The Limelight
Rubber Duckies
Light Up My Life I
Light Up My Life II
Looking Glass
Blowing Bubbles
Beam Me Up, Scotty
Big Bang
CSI Tucson
Big Chill
Good Vibrations
Dr. Art Friedman


Van deGraaf generator sends plates flying

When not using them to bake apple pies, Dr. Friedman floats pie pans in the air with 400,000 volts of electrostatic repulsion.

Rings shoot into the air

The magnetic field of a Thompson Coil propels an aluminum ring into space!

Tesla coil sparks burnt out bulb

Dr. Friedman passes 50,000 volts of electricity from a Tesla coil through his body to light a burnt out fluorescent bulb.

Orange Pom pom flying

Electricity replaces the cheerleader in moving this pom-pom!

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Mrs. Friedman prepares to serve some delicious ice cream made in less than thirty seconds from cream, sugar and vanilla flavoring, with the help of liquid nitrogen.

Liquid Nitrogen-frozen marshmallow

These young people are experiencing a snack of marshmallows frozen in liquid nitrogen.

A young scientist

This budding scientist is learning about the magic of chemistry with Eureka Discoveries.